Alex welcomes greener-fuel announcement as a boost for local industries

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham, has welcomed the announcement that drivers will be filling their cars with greener, more sustainable petrol from September 2021.

Following extensive lobbying from the bioethanol industries, backed by Alex Cunningham MP, the Department of Transport announced that E10 product – petrol with up 10 per cent ethanol – will be rolled out to filling stations from September 2021. This is double current ethanol content.

Ethanol is made from sustainable crops or waste products, with companies such as Ensus and Greenergy producing ethanol on Teesside. Alex has been working with these industries for a number of years to push the Government in bringing forward E10 content in petrol.

Alex said:

“I’ve long been campaigning for our area to be the home of renewable and clean energy industries and this is a very welcome announcement from the Transport Secretary. It is one that has come on the back of years of lobbying from the industry and others, and is an opportunity for this sector to grow and expand.

“Not only is this move good for the environment but it will be a boost to local industries after a challenging year, and could create more well paid, good quality jobs that our area really needs.”