Government’s refusal to find agreement on chemical regulations will see £1 billion wasted, says Alex

The chemical industry will be forced to waste £1 billion on unnecessary duplication as a result of the Government’s refusal to find agreement with the EU on regulations and data sharing, says Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham.

Writing to the Government in January, Alex highlighted the concerns of the chemical industry – which has a strong presence in his Stockton North constituency – about the EU trade deal closing the door on UK industries accessing EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) to inform the UK version which will replace it. This will mean companies being forced to respond  to EU REACH framework to trade, while also replicating the date for new UK REACH guidelines.

In response to Alex’s query, the Minister responsible for UK REACH said it was “impossible” to reach an agreement – instead passing the buck to individual companies.

Alex said:

“The Government’s refusal to find an agreement with the EU on chemical regulations will force the chemical industry to spend £ 1 billion on unnecessary duplication of work. This is £1 billion that could be spent on developing the industry further and creating jobs and opportunities for local people.

“The Government passing the buck to individual companies is adding further insult to injury. Rather than supporting our industries –  industries that have seen major upheaval in the last year – the Government is simply leaving them to sort it out themselves.  

“We need an urgent rethink from Ministers to stop this waste of money and ensure smooth, frictionless trading within the EU for industries which dominate on Teesside and beyond.”