Alex responds to CF Fertiliser shutdown announcement

Alex said:

Today’s announcement from CF Fertilisers is extremely concerning and the priority is to find a way forward to get CF Fertilisers producing again and ensure local jobs are saved. Today I will be contacting the secretary of state at BEIS seeking an urgent meeting to discuss just what they can do to help get CF producing again. 

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve told the government that energy prices, gas transportation charges and carbon costs driven by government policy was crippling firms like CF. It would appear that ministers didn’t believe what was coming down the line and stuck their heads deep in the sand instead of taking action. 

Now hundreds of jobs in both my constituency and Cheshire hang in the balance alongside many others that are part of the CF supply and customer chain. This announcement is a result of the Government’s failure to act when they had numerous opportunities. It is imperative that they do so now.