Alex supports Gas Safety Week, and backs Stockton Council in their calls for extended legislation on carbon monoxide alarms

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has put his support behind Gas Safety Week and has backed calls from Stockton Council’s People Select Committee for the Government to extend legislation to widen the installation of carbon monoxide alarms to all properties and public buildings with gas appliances.

Gas Safety Week, which is organised by Gas Safe Register, highlights the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and promotes the need for people to get their gas appliances checked on an annual basis. Alex has contributed to Gas Safe Register’s promotional video. He has also written to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to add his support to report carried out by Stockton Council’s People Select Committee on carbon monoxide awareness.

In their report the Select Committee calls for legislation to be extended so carbon monoxide alarms will be fitted in all properties with gas appliances – not just solid fuel burning appliances – and in all holiday homes and caravans. They have written to the Secretary of State with their recommendations.

Alex said:

“As someone who worked in the gas industry, I’ve seen first-hand the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. That’s why I wholeheartedly support Gas Safe Register’s Gas Safety Week. It’s vitally important that people are aware of dangers of faulty gas appliances and make sure they get them checked by an accredited engineer every year.

“It’s also important that government legislation is in place to protect people too and that’s why I support Stockton Council’s People Select Committee’s recommendations. I hope the Secretary of State looks favourably at their review and call for further action to keep people safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.”