STATEMENT: Alex responds to PM’s social care announcement

Responding to the Prime Minister’s social care announcement, Alex said:

“It’s now been over two years since Boris Johnson promised us a plan to fix the social care system, so it’s hugely disappointing that his proposals today do nothing of the sort. Rather than a sustainable long-term plan based on progressive taxation, the Prime Minister’s plans to straddle workers, particularly low earners and young people, with National Insurance rises. His plan is a tax rise on jobs that doesn’t stop large care bills, nor delivers the quality care that people are entitled to.

“The Labour party has always said it will work with the Government to deliver a plan that not only genuinely fixes social care but is also built on fair funding in which those with the broadest shoulders pay more – not the working families now set for an unfair tax rise. People deserve to know that there is a real, comprehensive plan in place to look after them and their loved ones into older age.”