Alex urges people to get flu jabs this winter

Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham, has urged people to get their flu jab this winter as medical experts have expressed their concern about the decline in natural immunisation to flu following eighteen months of lockdown and social distancing restrictions.

The Flu Vaccine is offered free to everyone aged 50 or over, and to people with underlying health conditions. Pharmacies also provide flu jabs to everyone for a small cost, and some employers have policies and deals with health providers to allow them to offer flu jabs to their staff. Covid boosters are also being offered to people who fall under certain criteria.

Getting one or both jabs, if applicable, will protect people this winter.

Alex – who had his flu jab last week – said:

“Getting a flu jab or your Covid booster is a quick and easy and, more importantly, it will give people an extra layer of protection against flu and Covid this winter. We’re not out of the word yet and as the Government have said we’re looking at a potentially difficult winter in terms of ill health and Covid rates.

“If you’re eligible for a free flu jab or your Covid booster, please get one. If you’re not, please consider booking a jab – or see if your employer will fund it. For a relatively small cost it could protect you and your family this winter.”