Alex backs the British Medical Association and calls on Health Secretary to provide meaningful support to those on the frontline against Covid

Improved PPE, “Covid hubs” to reduce the potential for outbreaks in hospitals, and adequate rest areas for health professionals – these are the asks of Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham, and the British Medical Association (BMA) North East Regional Council, in a recent appeal to Health Secretary to provide further, meaningful support for those on the frontline against Covid.

The appeal follows the BMA NE Regional Council’s – which represents health professionals across the North East of England – description of a  “collective concern” across the profession that service pressures are currently unsafe and unsustainable. Guidance on how too better support health workers has been issued to all North East Trusts but as yet no Trust has replied.

To support the BMA, Alex has now written to the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, asking him to use his influence, back the Regional Council’s guidance, and support health professionals as they lead the fight against Covid.  

Alex said:

“Health care workers have been at the frontline against Covid from the start of the pandemic and continue to work hard and with dedication to look after those people with Covid, and keeping the country safe and healthy. 

“It’s only right that they are supported with proper PPE and rest areas, but is concerning that the BMA reports that in some areas in the North East these are less than adequate. That’s why I’m backing the calls of the BMA to ensure appropriate measures are in place to support our health workers.

“I hope the Health Secretary looks at this appeal positively and uses his influence to get Trusts across our Region to act”.