Alex calls on Network Rail to carry out “Blue Bridge” revamp

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham, has called on Network Rail bosses to carry out a thorough clean and re-paint of the “Blue Bridge” in Norton as part of the wider plans to develop and improve the area.

Alex has written to Network Rail asking for the “Blue Bridge” – an iconic gateway to Norton which runs over the A1207 – to be cleaned and re-painted. Local residents and Norton North councillors, Steve Nelson and Lisa Evans, have also raised concerns with the current condition of the bridge with Alex.

Norton is currently undergoing a number of improvements, led by Stockton on Tees Borough Council and has a strong food and beverage offer. The “Blue Bridge”, Alex says in his letter, would complement the ongoing work in the area. Alex also points to the fact that three bridges in Darlington were cleaned and re-painted in 2020 on the basis that they were considered “gateways” to the town, with the Stockton North MP hoping this rationale will be applied to Norton’s “Blue Bridge”.

Alex said:

“The Blue Bridge is an iconic piece of architecture locally but is currently in a poor state, looking dirty and unkempt. Cleaning and re-painting the bridge is needed regardless but would complement the great things happening in Norton.

“I understand resources are tight but this is relatively low-cost work that would brighten up the area and support the work the Council is doing in Norton. We’ve seen similar work carried out in Darlington recently and I hope Network Rail look favourably on this request and deliver for our local area.”