“Why the hold up?” asks Alex as it emerges Augean Plc have taken fifteen months to provide information on nuclear waste facility to Environment Agency – and have had March 2022 extension approved

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has expressed his anger that residents of the Clarences and neighbouring Billingham will have to wait until Autumn 2022 at the earliest to hear of the fate of Augean Plc’s proposed nuclear waste dump at Port Clarence.

Alex has been made aware that Augean Plc have had their request for information to be extended accepted by the Environment Agency to March 2022, meaning no application would be ready until the Autumn. This is despite the fact the company was given notice for further information in September 2020 – giving the company eighteen months to provide necessary details.

Only last month it was reported that an application would be ready by Summer 2022.

Alex said:

“Residents have had this application hanging over them for almost three years now. Augean needs to get its act together and explain why they’ve needed eighteen months to provide information to the Environment Agency.

“I want to know why there has been such a hold up from Augean. Surely they have it or they don’t.

“Nevertheless, I remain unconvinced that the proposal is in the best interests of my constituents, many of whom are personally opposed to it. Teesside is again being targeted as a dumping ground, not only for waste from the immediate area but from further afield and potentially abroad too.

“This is not appropriate, and it is why I oppose this application.”