Alex backs Stockton Council’s Level Up Billingham bid

“I wholeheartedly support the Labour-led Stockton Borough Council’s bold and ambitious plans to take control of Billingham Town Centre and revitalise it for the twenty-first century. The physical condition of Billingham’s shopping centre is often a point of concern for local people who feel like their shopping area is left behind and it is clear that only through the intervention of the Council that the town centre will get the investment it deserves.

“The Council’s Levelling Up Fund bid will support the Council’s wider ambition to improve the facilities, support businesses and adapt the area to fast evolving shopping trends. The plans also provides a real opportunity for Billingham Town Centre, which already boasts a vibrant cultural and leisure complex.

“I sincerely hope the Government will look favourably on the bid the second time round and support the businesses and people of Billingham.”