Alex responds to Mitsubishi Chemical announcement

“Today’s announcement from Mitsubishi Chemical Group is blow to both the local area and the 238 people and their families who will be directly affected by Mitsubishi’s decision to explore the cessation of methacrylate’s production in Billingham.

“We’re hearing the same story of rising gas and energy prices clobbering industry again and again and I have lost count of the number of times I’ve warned the Government that rising energy prices and a failure by the Government to tackle it are crippling firms like Mitsubishi. All of these warnings have fallen on deaf ears with Ministers abandoning all pretence of them having an industrial strategy and insisting the problem is dealt with by industry alone.

“Now hundreds of jobs in my constituency hang in the balance alongside many others that are part of the Mitsubishi supply and customer chain. This announcement is a result of the Government’s continued failure to act despite ample opportunities. It’s time they do so now.”