Funding for a new hospital not photo-ops, demands Alex of Rishi Sunak after PM’s visit to North Tees Hospital

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has called on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to “reflect on his photo opportunity” at North Tees Hospital and “commit to fund a new hospital” for Stockton on Tees.

The Prime Minister visited North Tees Hospital this morning as part of his regional tours (30 Jan. 23) alongside the Health Secretary and NHS Chief Executive to see the work of the integrated co-ordination centre, a hub which manages patients as they come in to and leave the hospital, ensuring beds are freed up. At the visit the Prime Minister told reporters the pioneering work at North Tees was a model that should be looked at nationally.

Alex, who has long campaigned for a new hospital for Stockton on Tees, was made aware of the visit late on Sunday evening.

Alex said:

“I was disappointed Rishi Sunak didn’t invite me along when he visited North Tees Hospital this morning but I was glad he got to see the excellent work of North Tees staff to ensure patient needs are managed appropriately both in and outside of a hospital setting.

“I hope while there he was able to reflect on what he saw during his photo opportunity in Stockton North and recognise the horrendous health inequalities faced by communities in Stockton on Tees and will commit to fund a new hospital we desperately need.”