Alex calls for a comprehensive review of safety practices on Teesworks following third major incident in less than four years

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has called for a comprehensive review into worker safety at Teesworks following a serious incident – the third in less than four years – on 6 June that saw a seriously injured man airlifted to hospital.

The Teesworks site is no stranger to serious incidents. In November 2022 a worker was taken to hospital after his excavator tipped into the Tees, forcing him to smash his way out. In late 2019 two workers tragically died after a fire broke out on the site. Investigations by the police and HSE are ongoing.

Alex, who has been in regular dialogue with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) about the previous incidents, has now called on the HSE to carry out a full review of health and safety measures at the Teesworks site.

Alex said:

“The safety of people working on Teesworks is of the utmost priority – no one should be working in an unsafe environment and even the “riskiest” of jobs should be monitored to ensure the best possible working conditions. Workers deserve no less than the highest safety standards.

“Three serious incidents on the site is three too many and, in light of this third incident, I think it is high time the HSE move in a carry out a full and comprehensive review of health and safety practices at Teesworks.”