British Steel Announcement

“This is welcome news. Teesside has both an amazing industrial heritage with iron ore from the Cleveland Hills leading to the foundation of our once extensive steelmaking industry, and local workforce that is equipped with the skills and expertise needed to grow our local steelmaking base once more.

“Establishing electric-arc furnaces in Teesside is a good step forward but we need to see much more if we are to reverse the industrial sabotage of the Conservatives who abandoned steelmaking in Teesside in 2015, and create more than a fraction of the jobs that were lost as a result of their disastrous decision-making.

“We need be more ambitious, and this investment needs to be part of a sustainable industrial strategy that puts clean, green steel making at its heart. Unlike the Tories who offer short-term solutions to make up for their past failures, Labour is pledging £3 billion of investment over a decade as part of our plan to achieve Net Zero by 2030, filling up order books for years to come and creating good quality, well-paid jobs for local people.”