My statement on the Israel-Hamas Conflict and Parliamentary votes (15 November)

The horrors we have seen in Israel and Gaza over the last few weeks have seen the most terrible crimes against civilians and there can be no justification for the mass slaughter of people by either Hamas or the Israeli armed forces.  What we need is a lasting peace and a two-state solution with Israelis and Palestinians living in peace in their own countries.

I voted for Labour’s amendment calling for an enduring cessation of fighting paving the way for a credible, diplomatic and political process to make that happen.  I also backed the need for the International Criminal Court to address the actions of both Hamas and Israel – not just in Israel and Gaza but in the West Bank too.

Sadly, Hamas have made it clear they will continue their offensive against Israel and the Israelis won’t give up on their deadly mission which has killed over ten thousand Palestinians, nearly half of them children.   I only hope that the international community can take the actions necessary to build the peace both Palestinians and Israelis deserve.