Arc Furnace Steel Making on Teesside 

There is no guarantee that Teesside will get the promised electric arc furnace to recycle steel and the hundreds of jobs associated with it. 

Stockton North’s MP, Alex Cunningham, today pressed the Government in the Commons to confirm if Ministers have a final agreement with the industry and that the furnace will definitely be built on Teesside.  

Worryingly, the Minister avoided the question and did not confirm either of those things, choosing instead to speak generally about the steel industry across the country and in South Wales.  

Alex Cunningham MP said:

“My question this morning was clear and straightforward. A yes or no answer would have sufficed. The Minister’s prevarication suggests to me that no final, binding agreement has been reached to guarantee the arc furnace and the future of steelmaking on Teesside.   

This is another let-down in a long line of failures by the Tories for steel manufacturing in Teesside and the wider country. The Government cannot rely on references to the Tory Mayor, himself mired in scandals, to get them off the hook. It’s time for clear answers, a serious approach to industry on Teesside and the steel industry as a whole.”