MP Uses Budget Speech to Attack Tory Inequalities 

Stockton North’s MP, Alex Cunningham, used his speech in the Budget Debate to blast the Government over their failures in health inequality and poverty in the Tees Valley and the wider North East.  

Alex also used his speech to again demand that the Government to properly investigate the value for money to the taxpayer of the Teesworks Project of Tory Lord Houchen. Huge amounts of public money have been invested for the prospect of little return to the taxpayer.


“The Budget offers nothing to the people of Stockton to tackle health inequalities or help those who are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. Poverty is the driving factor of health inequality, and the Chancellor could have used this Budget to help those struggling the most, especially children living in poverty.  

We have children going to school so hungry that they cannot focus or learn. We have pensioners forced to choose between eating and heating. We have families where both parents work but can’t meet the rent or the mortgage payments. This Budget offered nothing to them. 

We need an election and a Labour Government now. It’s time for a change.”