Statement on the Tobacco and Vaping Bill

“I was very proud to vote for the Age of Sale Bill in the House of Commons. Smoking is a real scourge on our society with hundreds of thousands of people dying since the turn of the century to fund the big tobacco companies’ profits. 

This legislation is a huge step in the right direction towards the UK’s first smokefree generation, but more must be done. The Government need to ensure that local smoking cessation services are properly funded to support more people to kick the addiction and lead healthier lives. 

Similarly, we need to ensure more action is taken on the epidemic of youth vaping. While I acknowledge the role that vaping can play as a quitting aid to adult smokers, far too many young people, who may never have smoked cigarettes, are picking up this dangerous addiction. We need stronger enforcement to stop the criminals selling vapes to children and risking the health of future generations.”