One of the most important parts of my work as a Member of Parliament is helping people with problems they are having.

In many cases, my team and I can deal with these issues via email or over the phone, and recent times without surgeries has shown that this can work without the need to meet up. However, if you would like to meet in person you can come to one of the regular surgeries which are held across Stockton North.


There are no longer any surgeries for Alex Cunningham

Due to an Election called for July 4th 2024

Please telephone the office  to book an appointment. Please provide the names and a contact phone number for everyone attending (maximum of two people per appointment) and a brief outline of the concern that you wish to raise.

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes ahead of your appointment time. 

What happens at a surgery?

You will arrive at your appointment no earlier than 5 minutes before your allocated time.

A caseworker will take your name, and confirm your contact details and a subject of your issue.

You will then go into a separate room with Alex Cunningham and a caseworker who will take notes. This will be away from other people so you can discuss privately your issue.

Alex and his team will then look into the issues you have raised and respond to you once investigated.