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Pete Waterman and friends ride CSV's Make a Difference Barclays bikes

We made a difference in October!

Throughout October we ran our revamped Make a Difference - Get Inspired Campaign 2013. This year we decided to try to inspire as many people as possible to volunteer by working with a wide range of charity partners and promoting the campaign through our own community networks. We had a lot of coverage in the media. Barclays Bank sponsored advertising space for the campaign on over 2,000 Boris bikes which could be seen across London.  Over 26 national charities supported the campaign through events, publicity, social media, and contributions to our campaign blog.


Over 50 MPs across the UK supported the campaign throughout the month in various activities including clearing out the garden at a local hospice, planting trees, painting and decorating furniture at a local children’s charity, to raising awareness of the importance of volunteering through radio and press.


A parliamentary event sponsored by National Grid was held on 21st October at the Houses of Commons to mark the success of the campaign. In attendance were various MPs, Minister of Civil Society Nick Hurd, CSV Ambassador Peter Waterman as well as charity partners and volunteers.


So far the campaign has reached over 7 million people, inspiring those who have never volunteered to find out how they can give back in their communities. We are excited about the vast expanse of people reached and want to keep up the momentum by featuring mini-campaigns throughout the year that will raise awareness volunteering and the work CSV does. 


  • You can still read our volunteer blogs about what volunteering means to them.
  • We recorded volunteer stories from across the UK and you can still listen to them on our audio relay.   
  • Look at a wide range of volunteer opportunities with our Make a Difference charity partners.   

Make a Difference at Christmas campaign

We decided to provide 12 days of volunteering tips this Christmas to help everyone take an active part in their communities. Take a look at our Make a Difference at Christmas tips.

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Help us keep the passion for volunteering alive all year around. We'd love to hear what you've been up to. Why not tweet about it @CSV_UK or email Mary at


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