Everyone – kids and adults – should be able to walk and cycle in their communities, for
their health and enjoyment, and as a
sustainable way to get about, without being endangered. That’s what GO 20 is all about: putting people’s safety first, and making sure we can all enjoy active lifestyles.

GO 20 is a coalition campaign calling for action to make walking and cycling safer and our streets more people-friendly:

  • Ultimately, we want the government to change our default limit from 30mph to 20mph, to make this the norm in all our communities
  • In the meantime, we want more local authorities to GO 20, by implementing widespread 20mph limits, so towns, villages and cities can reap the benefits
  • We’re also appealing to drivers to make a difference by staying well within limits, and slowing down to 20 around homes, schools and shops, even where the limit is still 30. 

When communities ‘GO 20′ by adopting a 20mph speed limit, and drivers understand those limits and GO 20 or below, it makes our communities safer, healthier, nicer places, helping to bring about fewer casualties, more walking and cycling, more active lifestyles, less pollution and lower public spending.

Read more on the benefits of GOing 20.

In short, GOing 20 is good for everyone. That’s why a 20mph limit is being introduced by lots of local authorities, from Plymouth to Dumfries. And that’s why charities and community groups across the country are fighting for them. We’re making progress, but we’ve got a long way to go before all our communities GO 20.

You can help your community, and communities everywhere, GO 20:

Find out about support for the campaign from celebrities and academics on our ‘Supporters‘ page.