Get Money Smart!

We hope you've enjoyed receiving your free pack of materials, which you can use to prepare your pupils for the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities that money brings in life! Read on for more tools and advice to help you embed good quality financial education into your teaching.

Posters and activities

  • You will have received 2 age relevant posters in your pack, but you can download more to print out here, or the  ones for other age ranges too! 4-7 yrs, 7-11 yrs, 11-14 yrs, 14-16 yrs
  • Free activities - these are designed to help you use the posters as a classroom resource - download them here! 4-7 yrs, 7-11 yrs, 11-14 yrs, 14-16 yrs

5thingstodo - share with us!

On the posters, we have suggested 4 of the things your pupils can do, the 5th has been left to each class to decide. Tell us what you and your pupils came up with for your 5th idea!  

  • Share it with us and other schools on Twitter by tweeting with the hashtag #5thingstodo
  • Email us at with your suggestions and we can share it for you
  • Better yet, why not get creative with your posters and share a photo or video of your class!?
  • Check back here to see what other people have suggested for their 5th thing, and look out on twitter

Planning Frameworks and guidance

  • The fantastic framework in your pack is designed to help you plan and deliver financial education flexibly for different age groups and across the range of subjects and learning opportunities available within your school’s curriculum. Download the 3-11 or 11-19 years frameworks, or send the link to your colleagues...
  • Subject-specific guidance for mathematics, citizenship and PSHE education is all available in the Planning and Teaching section of this site.

Further help

Do you need more help? pfeg is here to help with its range of services:

  • free advice & support for anyone teaching about money - pfeg advisory service
  • request some CPD sessions for your team or your cluster of schools - CPD sessions
  • put my My Money Week in your diary - find out more about the themed week, which will run for the sixth year from 9 - 15 June 2014! Visit the My Money Week microsite
  • why not request a volunteer to come and add some real life experiences to your classroom? Find out about our volunteer network

The background 

After years of campaigning, the importance of financial education has been recognised in the new National Curriculum for England, with its place having been secured in mathematics and secondary level citizenship. Together with high quality PSHE education, there are now more opportunities than ever for financial education to contribute to the best learning experience your school can offer.

This pack has been sent to every primary and secondary school in England, which has been made possible by a donation from Martin Lewis (Founder, We hope you find these free materials useful and look forward to hearing the ideas your pupils’ come up with!