My Education

Education in the UK is currently undergoing some of the biggest reforms for a generation, but we think the voices of the people those changes will affect most - students - have not been heard as loudly or as clearly as they could be.

That’s why Pearson, with support from the education charity Teach First, has launched My Education, a campaign that aims to ensure young people's views on their education are listened to.

myEducation launch at Burlington Danes Academy

This year, My Education is asking young people exactly what they want from their education. What are their aspirations? What motivates, inspires, challenges and excites them about their education? What’s lacking and could be done better?

We especially want to hear the views of students aged 14 to 21; however, we’d still love to hear your thoughts whatever your age!

My Education launched at Burlington Danes Academy on 27 February 2013, when we heard what a number of Year 9 students thought about their education. This was the first of many events that took place around the UK. If you'd like to find out more about these events, please contact Martin O’Donovan or Pippa Vaux (you’ll find their contact details below).

Children at Burlington Danes Academy placing ideas onto a board

With the help of our nine youth ambassadors, we've compiled all of the opinions we've heard over the last few months into a document that we'll present to the people in power, the people who have the scope to make a difference when it comes to education policy.

On the Facebook page you can read updates on the campaign, see the outcomes of the events and activities we’re holding around the country in 2013, and contribute your own views. 

In particular, we’re inviting students to share what they want their education to deliver via our Facebook map. To contribute, simply post an Instagram picture and message, making sure it includes the #aboutmyeducation hashtag. Ensure 'Add to your Photo Map' is switched on so that your post appears on our map.

You can also tweet your views by including the #aboutmyeducation hashtag. You’ll see the latest tweets beneath our map of the UK.

So it's over to you - we look forward to hearing what you think!

Find out more

For more information about My Education, please contact:

Martin O’Donovan

Telephone: (020) 7190 5372

Pippa Vaux

Telephone: (020) 7190 5191