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Fire Sprinkler Week 2014

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CFOA President, Paul Fuller supports calls for review of current rules for sprinklers in warehouses in this clip recently produced by the Business Sprinkler Alliance

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Jim Fitzpatrick MP (Secretary of the APPFSRG) has secured a 90-minute Back Bench Business Committee debate on Fire Sprinklers during National Fire Sprinkler week.

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What is Fire Sprinkler Week 2014?

Fire Sprinkler Week 2014 aims to raise awareness and understanding about fire prevention and control.

The campaign is being led by a number of key influential organisations:

We are aiming to: 

  • Widen awareness of the commercial and safety benefits of sprinklers in preventing loss and improving fire safety in businesses and homes across the UK
  • Debunk some of the myths and misconceptions about sprinklers
  • Increase the level of knowledge of those who can influence the installation of sprinklers: politicians, business owners and the property and construction industry. 

By raising the awareness of those who can influence change we aim to increase support for fire sprinkler installation.

Fire Sprinklers do more for the UK than people know –
controlling a fire as it starts is better than repairing the damage after it has spread.

The Business Case for Sprinklers

New studies, offering evidence of the strong business case for installing sprinklers in buildings, will be launched during Sprinkler Week 2014.

Fire fatalities are estimated to cost £1.65 million per person. Find out more about the benefits of sprinklers in residential buildings.

Commercial fires cost more than £2 billion to the UK economy. Find out more about the benefits of sprinklers in commercial buildings.

Where a fire sprinkler system has been installed:Sprinkler

  • Fire deaths have been almost eliminated
  • Fire injuries have been reduced by 80%
  • Firefighters are exposed to fewer risks and are therefore safer
  • Property damage has been reduced by over 80%
  • There is a reduction in the environmental impact of fire - firefighters often use 15 times more water from hoses to do the same job as a sprinkler does
  • There is a reduction in the economic cost of fire.

Activities during Sprinkler Week 2014

A parliamentary reception to launch Sprinkler Week will take place on 29th January, with an invited audience, including MPs, business leaders and key influencers. Attendees will be asked to support a letter calling for Government:

  • to promote the installation of sprinklers in industrial and commercial premises more actively, and
  • to review current fire safety guidance on sprinkler installation.

The BRE Cost Benefit Analysis on Warehouses and CEBR Economic Impact of Commercial Fire will be launched during Sprinkler Week 2014, which, together with the CFOA Business Case for Sprinklers provide evidence of sprinkler benefits.

Fire and Rescue Services (FRSs) will be undertaking events to raise awareness of the benefits of installing sprinklers, and FRSs, CFOA and the other organisations involved in Sprinkler Week will be ‘tweeting’ facts about sprinklers.


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