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Alex criticises Government for failing on youth employment

The number of young people claiming unemployment benefits in Stockton North has increased by 390 since March 2020, taking the total to 1055 claimants. The data released by the House of Commons Library also highlights that 8.4% of the population in Stockton North aged 18-24 are claiming unemployment benefits, compared to the national figure of 6.3%.

These statistics translate to there being 4850 claimants in Stockton North, which is 1775 more people since COVID-19 gripped the country in March 2020.

Speaking in response to the statistics, Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has said:

“These statistics should send chills through Government, as it is clear that their plan isn’t working. Not only is unemployment on the rise, but youth unemployment is too. These are young people that often have young families and are already struggling to make ends meet. If we let them fall behind now, there is a worry that they might never catch up and we must not let that happen.

“Our community is as a disadvantage compared to communities such as those in the south of England. There are fewer opportunities, less investment, and I fear we have a Prime Minister that simply does not care about areas like ours outside of an election.

“The Labour Party has repeatedly warned the Government that their one size fits all approach will lead to job losses, and the figures suggest that we were right to do so. It appears that Britain is in the midst of a jobs crisis.”