Work & Pensions Committee Report published

People throughout the country and in areas like Teesside may struggle to make ends meet with the Tory changes to Housing Benefit according to The Work & Pensions Select Committee’s report ‘Changes to Housing Benefit announced in the June 2010 Budget’.

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham, who is a member of the Committee, said:

“This Report raises concerns about the uncertain impact of the changes that have been proposed by the Government.

We acknowledge the desire to ensure housing costs represent value for money for the taxpayer but have concerns that in some areas where private rents are relatively high people may struggle to make ends meet.
Of particular concern to the Committee was the Government’s plan to reduce Housing Benefit by 10% for those who have been on Jobseeker’s Allowance for a year.

This will surely impact unfairly upon those who live in areas of high unemployment who are genuinely doing all they can to find work without success.

I hope the Government will look carefully at this report and take on board our recommendations.”

Alex is particularly concerned about the 10% reduction proposal which will hit many people on Teesside. “I am well aware that the Government is keen to encourage people into work and to “make work pay” but their proposal on Housing Benefit simply punishes anyone and everyone who, often through no fault of their own, cannot find a job,” he said.

“As we face a time when Tory Government cuts to local Councils will see a million public and private sector jobs lost, I just wonder where unemployed people are to find a job.”